Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Night, Oct 25

We arrived late Friday night in Entebbe and spent the night there. Saturday, we traveled through the capital city of Kampala and spent time in the city so that we could capture some video footage for our promo video project. All luggage arrived safe and sound and the team is doing fine.

Today we began our first day of ministry in Mbale, Uganda. We spent the morning at Mbale PCU church which is the home church for Pastor Morris Ogenga. The team provided children's, women's and men's sunday school lessons for the congregation and we also delivered the main service message. Church started at 9:30am and concluded at 1:00pm. True African style. It was a blast. We heard children's choirs, youth choirs, and adult choirs sing and do creative dances. The talent level and energy level of African worship is outstanding and it was a real blessing for all of us to witness and participate in.

After lunch at Mbale PCU, we changed clothes and headed to Lulwanda Children's Home. It is amazing to see how the kids have grown and to look into the new Medical Clinic and the new School blocks/library. We played with the kids and did I say we played with the kids... well if I didn't, we played with the kids. They performed songs for us as well at Lulwanda. The quality of their music is improving with their age.

At Mbale PCU, the ladies choir sang this song which is very appropriate for each of us. Please consider for yourself:

Verse 1: Don't go on living the life of wasted years,
Wasted years are foolish, turn around the Lord is calling you from the life of wasted years.
Have you ever wandered around in your lifetime, Have you thought of a life, a life of fear.
Have you asked from the Lord to change your life, You can go around living a life of wasted years.

Refrain: Wasted years, wasted years, oh how foolish as you walk in the darkness and fear.
Turn around just turn around. The Lord is calling, He's calling you from the life of wasted years.

Verse 2: Many times you may ask How is my life.
Just go down on your knees and ask the Lord,
He will never let you down in your time,
You can go round living a life of wasted years


  1. What a blessing to know you arrived safely with all your ministry supplies. I am jealous of your worship today How awesome. And of your time with the kids. How I miss everyone in Uganda.

    Praying for the Lord to use you all mightily and that you accomplish the purpose for which He called you to this mission.

  2. Praising the Lord for safety as you have traveled, and for the Lord to do wonderful and mighty things with and through the team. Blessings as you serve and minister!