Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28 (Wednesday evening)


All team members are healthy and doing well. We continue to see the Lord work in amazing ways! (Please know that this update is wholly inadequate to describe what is happening here.) Each day this week, members of our team have grouped together with Ugandan translators to perform hut to hut evangelism in different areas around the new Kidoko church, and each day all have reported new believers in Jesus Christ. At afternoon crusade services, two Americans give testimonies and one American serves as the preacher of the Good News. On Tuesday, Cindy and Clay gave testimonies, and Keith was the preacher. On Wednesday, Stephen and Marsha gave testimonies, and Tyson was the preacher. The programs are organized by our Ugandan hosts, and each day has seen incredible responses to altar calls. Children have responded as well to Bible stories. Prison ministry teams were Stephen, Tyler, and Fred on Tuesday and Stephen and Clay on Wednesday. Area schools were visited by Don and Marsha on Tuesday and Tyler on Wednesday. The prison and school outreaches have also proven fruitful as many (100+) have professed new faith in Jesus as their hope of heaven. Clay, Rose, and Dee Dee continue their work at Lulwanda Childrens Home taking portraits of the children, filming daily activities, and preparing short biographies.

Needless to say, our team has been busy and is tired, but we've all been motivated by witnessing incredible results and by working alongside faithful Ugandan coworkers. We are encouraged and energized, praising God for His blessing upon this outreach. All have been stretched, but the growth among our team's rookies (to Uganda) has been most astounding. All have done everything that was asked of them, even if far outside their comfort zone. Tyson delivered a clear, confident, Spirit-led sermon at today's crusade, and led a group of new believers in the "sinners prayer" at the conclusion. Tyler showed courage to enter a prison with very tight quarters and deliver a testimony on Tuesday, followed by being the lone American visiting two schools and delivering sermons at each on Wednesday. Stephen has been bold in delivering testimonies, which often turn into "preachimonies" as he confidently declares the urgency of believing in Jesus and walking with Him. Following hut-to-hut evangelism in the mornings, Stephen has volunteered to visit a prison each afternoon this week (three so far). Wow. Clay delivered a prison sermon after which all 24 prisoners professed faith in Christ! Cindy has been incredible leading hundreds of children during childrens programs, and typically returns with 20+ names of new believers each day from hut-to-hut evangelism! Marsha has proven to be a trooper by visiting schools, by walking dusty trails to perform hut to hut evangelism, by delivering testimonies, and visiting the LCH garden plot.

Please pray for continued good health, boldness in Him, open Ugandan ears to the Good News, and spiritual victories! We plan to follow a similar program on Thursday and Friday.

Internet service is intermittent, but know we do the best we can with new posts. Thanks for the comments you've posted as they encourage us. Much love to our friends and families at home! God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good!

In Him,


  1. Wow it is a great work being done in Jesus's name. Keep up the God work & know we are praying for you.

    Don & Marsha Dupree TBC

  2. Like father, like son.

    It looks like both Tyler and I went to prison this week.
    Tyler to teach the word of Christ and I stated a new position at the Kit Carson Correction facility in Burling Colorado to help inmates rehabilitate back into society.

    I’m very proud of you, Tyler. Keep up the good work. God bless the entire group and I pray for their safe return.

    Love Tyler’s Dad.

  3. Wow! What an amazing day!!! We love checking in here everyday to see God's mighty hand at work. We are praying without ceasing until your safe return. WE LOVE YOU Tyson!!!

    Kathy & the Kids <3

  4. I find my heart overflowing with thanks to our Father and the work He is doing there. It's always so awesome to see what Christ can do with those that are committed to doing his work. (Prov.16:3)

    I am praying that this fire will continue when you return and that it spreads to us all.

    It is such a joy to hear about your days!

    My prayers are with you all day and every waking moment of the night. Awaiting your safe return with my heart wide open.
    Love you honey,

  5. God knew just who to put on this team. You are small but mighty in HIm! He has your submitted and willing hearts and there is no limit to what He can do.

    God is good all the time, all the time God is good. I love the addition of the words at the end of that quote by the children at LCH- "because that is His nature!"

    Praying for you daily,
    Cathy Marshall

  6. Team: It brings me great joy to hear that God is blessing yall and the people of Uganda. Please be encouraged and remember the awesome truth that God has been preparing for yall’s trip since before the earth was even made. Each of you was hand-picked and equipped for your role. Please don't waste even a second doubting whether or not you should be there because your being there, in and of itself, shows that God knows that you are the best for accomplishing what He wants done. I know I don’t need to tell yall that God is doing great work in Uganda.. Yall are seeing it firsthand and I am incredibly jealous. God also deserves Glory for all He has done towards preparing yall and the world for this trip! Yall are amazing and beautiful in Him! God You are INCREDIBLE!!

    Fred, Rose, Stephen: WOW reading the updates really make me miss yall and Uganda. I am glad to hear that yall are doing alright. Dad: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I miss you and your council. There have been several times over the last few days that I have wanted to call and ask you something. You’re a great dad and it's my honor to say that I am your son. Oh and Heather says Happy B-day too! Mom: I miss you SOOO much!! I went to call you yesterday and on the second ring I remembered you where you were. You are blessed and a blessing to me! I wish I could be there to watch you love on my little brothers and sisters at LCH the way you always do. Stephen: Well bro, I can't wait to hear what you think of Uganda. I am truly proud of you! I am sure you are growing a ton! Stay strong and help dad love on momma!
    Love Yall!