Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009 (Thursday evening)

Today was Fred’s birthday. Fred’s day started off with a happy birthday song sung by the team followed by a day of hut to hut evangelism at Kidoko and another happy birthday serenade in the afternoon by a few women from Lulwanda Children’s Home (they made a special trip to the village to sing to Fred). They sounded much better than the team. Papa Fred later received a hand-made birthday card from Michael, his sponsored child from Lulwanda, which I know he will treasure. Fred had a great day but he did not get a birthday cake.

Keith went to three primary schools and saw many children. Keith delivered a message about choices from the book of Daniel at all three schools. The kids in Uganda always listen very closely to what is being taught. The first school alone was estimated to have had over 800 girls. At the second school there were around 250 kids, but one of the interesting turn of events was that a woman standing out by the road behind the children listened in on Keith’s message and she accepted Christ. Keith was able to go and talk to her afterwards. He didn’t arrive at the third school until after 4:00 PM , but there were still over 150 kids there waiting for him to arrive.

The team dropped off Rose and Cindy at Lulwanda. Rose continued to interview the children and found the favorite color of many of the children is red and when asked why they stated because of the Blood of Christ. She had a good day. Cindy, an administrator in education, visited the school and library. She really enjoyed her day and has some great ideas. She indicated the need for some additional books for early readers.

At Kidoko, Ann, Clay, Stephen, Tyson, Tyler, Larry, Dee, Marsha, Don and as mentioned earlier Fred went hut to hut. Clay had one of the most memorable visits. As he approached a hut, the woman of the hut came running out and urged them to come see her husband in the hut as he was in very poor health. They went into the hut with some reservation. As they went in they saw the man was near death, possibly dying with Aids. When questioned, the man indicated he did not know Christ and asked to hear. Clay witnessed to him and he and other family members accepted. All members of the team had an amazing day which would take several pages to cover just the highlights. Clay, Stephen and Tyson went to the Prison in the afternoon where Clay preached and Stephen and Tyson shared their testimonies.

Larry and Dee shared their testimonies and Don preached at the Crusade. As the van was ready to pull off, Larry heard an altar call in which those present that wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior should raise their hands. Seeing all the hands up in the air in the middle of the drizzling rain was a beautiful sight.

God is good all the time.


  1. yay Uncle Fred!! Happy birthday!! and go clay! whoop whoop! I hope you all are having fun. love you and miss you family!!
    Ashley Miller

  2. All praise's to The Most High. I is good to see the will of God work through the willing. Literally walking the walk in prison & hut to hut. Tell Tyler today was rough but his text came right after the doctor visit His timing was perfect. Praying for you guys can not wait to hear the story's of God's work's. Happy B-day "Other Fred"

    Don & Marsha Dupree TBC

  3. Praise the Lord...for He is so faithful! Thank you so much for the posted updates so we can hear how things are going, and also know how to be praying! Clay we are so blessed to know how God is using you to reach others! It sounds as if the whole team is working hard and that the Lord is blessing beyond measure!

    Blessings and prayers to all!

    Lynda Vaughan

  4. Amazing God; amazing love! What a mighty God we serve! We are lifting your team up in prayer daily, and we rejoice with you over every soul
    God has called into His kingdom. My daughter and I had the wonderful privilege of going on mission to Jinja, Uganada in August of 2008. As we read your daily updates, we fondly recall similar experiences and continue to stand in awe of the amazing and loving God we serve. His arm truly does reach to the ends of the earth. Thank you all for faithfully serving Him by loving the wonderful people of Uganda. Glory to His Name alone.

    Joyful because of Him,

    Sonya Burchett

  5. Wow! God is embracing you & all that your doing for His glorious work! Thanks for the amazing updates, I enjoy hearing all that is going on! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY FRED, thanks for being the man of God that you are! Greetings to Rose, Stephen & the rest of you that have chosen to take time out of your lives to be God's instruments~
    Love & Prayers,
    Lisa Crutchfield

  6. This sounds like it has been an awesome giving/receiving journey for all. I look forward to hearing all about it when you get home Tyson!
    love you, Jan B.